Chevy Fails: Trailer-Loading Edition (Video)

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Chevy Fail

Watching these hilarious Chevy fails will make you even more proud to be a Ford truck owner.

If there’s one thing we never get tired of seeing, it’s the many Chevy fails posted across the interwebs. If you ever get bored, simply do a quick search and you’ll find hours of entertaining clips. So we decided to save you the trouble and highlight five of our favorite fails, specifically those that happen when Chevy owners try to load or haul stuff. Because when you have this much failure, you have to break it down into categories. Enjoy.

Our first clip is really a double Chevy fail, because it involves not one, but two Chevy trucks. It starts off innocently enough as the driver of this classic ’58 Apache pickup drives onto the trailer, but things quickly de-escalate from there.

First he pulls too far forward and nails the front of the trailer. And then, in hilariously slow fashion, the truck rolls back before he stalls it. Despite his helper’s feeble attempt at keeping the old truck from rolling off, it does and makes a series of nasty crunching noises on the way down.

Number two might in fact be number one. This time, our trailer loading duo wisely use a pair of ramps. But the old Chevy is loaded down with heavy tires. And it doesn’t help that the Dodge hooked up to the trailer appears to be in gear. Or maybe they just forgot to set the emergency brake. Either way, the driverless Dodge gets pushed into a pole in one of the biggest fails you’ll ever see.

Here we have a classic case of the wrong tool for the wrong job. This big tired Chevy is clearly too big for the little trailer underneath, but these geniuses decided to rectify their clearance issues with a stack of 2×4’s. What they get instead is one giant “F,” for fail.

Do you own a snowmobile? This video will clearly show you how not to load it in the back of your truck. The driver gets a little too throttle happy here and just about jumps the entire Silverado. Instead, he crashes down on the roof and causes some serious damage.

Our last fail doesn’t really involve a trailer, or the act of loading anything at all. Because our four wheel drive Silverado can’t even back out of a muddy parking spot, you see. The guys in the video claim that bald tires are the culprit, but we’re not so sure. Maybe it’s just because it’s a Chevy.

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