Our Top 5 Favorite TV Shows for Ford Truck Fans

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You’re going to want to tune in if you’re a fan of everything F-Series.

If you’re anything like us, you probably spend hours each week watching car shows. But there are so many great (and not so great) shows on TV these days, it’s easy to miss out on at least a couple of them. And some of the best car shows for Ford truck fans might not even be ones you’ve ever heard of. That’s where we come in. Take a look at our five favorites, and let us know which ones you watch every week!

Wheeler Dealers

Wheeler Dealers might be hosted by a pair of English chaps, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have an appreciation for American iron. Over 13 seasons Mike Brewer and his mechanic Edd China have bought, fixed up, and flipped hundreds of vehicles for a profit. That includes this sweet F-1 build, which they turned into an awesome rat rodded shop truck.


Overhaulin’, which ran for nine full seasons, isn’t on TV anymore. But if you’ve never seen the fan favorite show, you’re in for a treat. With legendary car designer Chip Foose creating the vision for each episode’s rebuild, the end result is always amazing. Overhaulin’ built a number of Ford trucks over the years, including this incredible F-100 redo.

Fast N’ Loud

A lot of people hate on Fast N’ Loud, mainly because of the over-the-top antics of its main host, Richard Rawlings. But we can appreciate Gas Monkey Garage’s affinity for vintage Ford trucks, of which they have built many. In fact, the lead mechanic, Aaron Kaufman, left the show after this past season to pursue his own reproduction F-100 parts company. And the FN’L‘s original painter, KC Mathieu, bought one of the shop’s ’68 F-100 builds and has since made it even more badass.

Xtreme 4×4

Ford Ranger

If you’re more of an off-road kind of guy, you’ll quickly fall in love with PowerBlock’s Xtreme 4×4. The show features some excellent how-to information on a variety of truck mods. The hosts simultaneously educate and build some pretty amazing trucks, including this crazy Ranger they built into a serious off road machine.

Truck U

Truck U is another extremely educational show that shows viewers how to complete mods on their trucks, step-by-step. Hosts Bruno Massel and Matt Steele also do road tests and demo new products in what adds up to a must watch for truck lovers. And as you would guess, there are lots of episodes specifically dealing with Ford truck mods.

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