2018 F-150 to Offer Night Vision Technology!

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2018 F-150

Ford increases pedestrian and driver safety by adding cutting-edge tech to F-150.

If you aren’t a fan of driving at night, you aren’t alone. Even with modern headlight technology, it can still be very difficult to see pedestrians, many of whom cross busy streets while distracted by their phones. The problem, unfortunately, is very real. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a whopping 3 out of 4 pedestrian road fatalities happen after dark.

Many new vehicles tout automatic braking with pedestrian detection technology, but these systems often have problems detecting pedestrians at night. But now Ford has developed night-vision technology that integrates with pedestrian detection to warn drivers of an impending collision. The technology is set to debut on the upcoming refreshed 2018 F-150 and 2018 Mustang.

The pedestrian-detection technology uses radar located in the front bumper in correlation with a windshield mounted camera. Together, the system looks out for pedestrian-shaped objects. Live feed video and a specific viewing angle allow the system to see pedestrians even in low light conditions when the headlights are on.

If the system detects an imminent collision, it alerts the driver with visual and audible warnings first. If the driver doesn’t respond to those warnings, the system automatically applies the brakes. Ford tested the new technology on closed tracks, as well as on public roads in Paris and Amsterdam.

“We know some drivers find hitting the road at night a stressful experience, especially driving in towns and cities, where [distracted] pedestrians can, without warning, step into the road, leaving even alert drivers very little time to avoid an accident,’ says Ford safety engineer, Gregor Allexi. “Day and night, Pedestrian Detection is designed to help identify people already in – or about to step into – the road ahead.”

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