broken f150 burnout 600
by Patrick Rall

This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features a very, very badly beaten up 1994 Ford F-150. I don’t know what happened to this F-150, but the windows are broken out, the roof is crumpled, the cab looks to be crooked on the frame and it appears as though the frame is bent in the middle.

2014 Ford F-150
by Justin Banner

Unfortunately, as the 2015 F-150 begins to roll off the assembly line just after the 2014 models, there is a recall to mire the great news. Ford is issuing a safety recall for 960 2014 F-150s for a brake pedal position switch that may cause a delay or even a non-illumination of the brake lights when you hit the brake pedal.

raptor pulling 600
by Patrick Rall

This week’s Truckin Pullin’ video features a Ford SVT Raptor F-150, leaving me to wonder if there is anything that the Raptor cannot do well.

2005 F-150 Lariat
by Lexi Shorey

Clearly Dog’em has a ride to be proud of. It looks nice and we’re sure it rides even nicer (and faster!). He has also added chrome door and tailgate handles, which seem to go well with his shining 20″ rims.

by Ed Tahaney

Since the all-new F-150 now has the highest EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings of any gasoline-powered full-size pickup truck in America, that makes this week’s question easy. We want to know which 2015 F-150 are you going to buy and why?