TRUCKIN’ FAST FX4 F-150 Racing Up the Dunes

f150 on the dunes

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a previous generation Ford F-150 FX4 racing up a series of sand dunes.

  Comments | By - August 28, 2015

TIRE SMOKIN’ 2015 Ford F-150 Does an EcoBurnout

white 2015 f150 burnout

This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features a brand new, 2015 Ford F-150 in bright white with chrome rims doing a pretty impressive burnout.

  Comments | By - August 28, 2015

QUESTION OF THE WEEK Have You Owned Non-Ford Trucks?


While the vast majority of our members are here because they own and love their Ford truck, the odds are good that most truck owners have, at some point, driven some other brand of vehicle.

  Comments | By - August 28, 2015

THROWBACK VIDEO Driving an F-150 Through a Huge Cake

2006 f150 cake ad

This week’s Throwback video takes us back to 2006, when the Ford F-150 and the rest of the F Series lineup had been America’s best-selling truck for 30 years.

  Comments | By - August 27, 2015

OPTIMA Presents MY RIDE! A 1979 Ford F-100 and a 2001 F-150


There are Ford enthusiasts, and then there are auto enthusiasts. Some people just love the glorious beauty of Ford trucks (and, really, who could blame them?), whereas others find that they enjoy anything that moves.

  Comments | By - August 26, 2015

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