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Anyone's Goodyear Wrangler RT/S's have sidewall cracks?

Old 08-25-2003, 04:19 PM
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Anyone's Goodyear Wrangler RT/S's have sidewall cracks?

Recently bought a '00 F-150 Lariat w/35k miles.
Just noticed sidewall cracks around most of the circumerance of the tires, only about 1/4 inch outside the wheel rim.
They don't appear very deep but I'm curious if anyone else has noticed this, and/or if this is something I should worry about.
Tires are only about 50% worn.
Oh yeah, it's only on the front tires.

Jeff Hauck
Gresham, OR.
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The fact that it is just the front tires (two out of four) would lead me to believe the set doesn't marry up from the get go.

Maybe frontend problems led to the front tires being replaced by older used ones. It's been my experience that it takes about five years for that cracking to start.

just a thought.
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Old 08-26-2003, 02:48 AM
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Sounds like dry-rot on the two tires. Chances are, the others were replaced with these, and these had just been sitting somewhere. I had some Wranglers do the same thing, after they had sat out for 18 months.
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