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My Ford F150 04', 12,000 miles has an almost constant, slight rattling or pinging. I have a 1,400 lb (dry weight) pop-up camper that is on the truck at all times. I took the truck in to get service and they adjusted the timing, but it still pings. I have tried higher grade gas and octane boost, but it still pings. Any suggestions, please?
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Take it back to the dealer. The higher grade gas will reduce the pinging a little, but it is not a good idea to burn it in your engine. They are made to run on 87.
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I have the same problem with my 04 Supercrew 4.6 liter. I took it to the dealer, they replaced the timing chains and the guides, and I still have the problem. The pinging sounds like an old muscle car that the valves are pinging due to the octane of the gas. I have tried different makes and grades of gas and still the same thing. Its going back to the shop Monday, the dealer says they do not know what the problem is. It doesnt do it at idle only in gear and under a load. [email protected]
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I would check for air in the cooling system. This is just a guess, I don't know about this motor-- but it's a general thing to check. As with most things, if it's not a problem inherent to that engine, it's probably something simple.
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First are you sure it is ping? You seem not to be sure.
Pinging is the results of ignition too early in the cycle.
If premium fuel does not help this then it is not the the problem assuming it is not pinging so severe that the truck should not be driven.
First thing I would do is take the camper off and see what you have then go from there. If it all but stops then it is load related and special measures need to be considered.
You need to entertain the thoughts that the dealer is bound by a set of standards and rules that sometimes puts them and you in a bind to solve special problems that may not be in the normal catagory for repairs. Then this is the results, they try and you get upset.
I pull GCW weight in the 12,000 lb range on 87 fuel with no problem.
Good luck.
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Have you tried resetting the PCM?

I had that pinging problem with my '98 4.6, and resetting the PCM fixed it, for me.

Somehow the spark advance got messed up, and the computer needed to "re-learn" the proper settings.

Doesn't cost anything to try.

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my 98 4.6 with 80,000 miles pings but only on the highway when im trying to pass someone and I have the throttle completely open(foot to floor heh)from a takeoff with the throttle wide open theres no ping at all.Ive tried various octanes from different stations and even tried using octane booster.
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sounds like a fuel timing issue. did they hook it up to WDS and look at the fuel curve while under acceleration
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I don't know about the 2004 trucks, but there used to be a shorting jumper on a connector on the cable harness going to the computer. If the engine knocks, you just removed the jumper and the computer knows to back off the timing advance.
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My 97 4.6 would ping under load, especially when pulling a trailer. Finally cleaned the MAF and all pinging is gone. I bought the security tool and removed it. Used The quick dry electrical cleaner.
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