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C6 For E4OD Swap


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C6 For E4OD Swap

Anyone ever swapped out a C6 for a E4OD tranny? After a lot of probs with tranny shudder and replacing torque converter I'm back with the same problem(shuddering again).Just wandering about any mods to be done on a swap like this if I were to do it..Any help would be great.
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Old 03-14-2005, 08:44 PM
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Can't be done. The E4OD is operated by the computer.
The old C6 is self contained and controled by vacuum modulator.
To clairify, mechanically it could be done but the results, when all is considered, will not be very good.
The computer is expecting to see the transmission connected through the harness.
There would be a CEL lite on all the time with the codes set indicating no connection to the trans.
Emmisions, no overdrive, mounting, driveshaft, shifter linkage etc.
I think you would be worse off then if your unhappy now.
Tell more about the shutter and what has been done so far.
Shutter can be a number of things from fluid to clutches/bands, to lockup, to even computer program changes.
I have saw all these over many years of cars and truck.
I admitt that it takes a good trans man to work it out and those are sometimes few and far between.
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Old 03-15-2005, 05:41 AM
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More shudder info

92 F150 118k,bought the truck with 72k on it and no shudder.When it reached about 115k it started.When I would take off at a moderate pace getting on the highway it would shake or shudder unless I got on it a little.I noticed it more when I was towing my boat.I took it to the local trans shop and explained what it was doing and the guy there told me no doubt it was torque converter "shudder".About a month later I was about to change it out and was @ Cumberland with my boat and blew the motor.Got the truck home and proceded with a total rebuild,including new torque converter (aftermarket).Things went fine for about 3-4 months and the shudder started again,this time different.Take off is o.k. but when the tranny gets into 3rd or o.d. depnding on if its in o.d. and I try to slowly increase my speed it starts a vibration or shudder unless I let off the gas and hit it again a little harder.Took it to the trans shop again and let the guy check it out.He sai it was definitely T/C and cheaper T/C's usually only last a few months "normally".Bullshirt! I can see maybe a case where even possibly mine went bad but I cant believe they would ALL go bad that quickly.Well thats where I'm at.I'got touraments coming up soon and need to be towing my boat.I'm not a rich man so thats why theres not a new one in it already.Plus I really like this truck and enjoy working on it,otherwise I would have gotten rid of it already.Thanks for your replies....
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Old 03-15-2005, 10:04 PM
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Well that seems to nearly prove the torque converter is the problem a second time.
You may try a complete fluid change and some additive specifically for the condition.
This might get you some extra time before you have to make a decision about what to do next.
Good luck.
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