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possible to remove a/c compressor pulley?

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possible to remove a/c compressor pulley?

so the bearing to my a/c compressor has some sand in it and it makes a horrible noise that i think is loud and annoying. can you remove just the pulley? if so, how? ive taken the clutch plate off (plate on the very front attached by three bolts) then i took the c clip immediately inside there off. i did remove the belt first. is the pulley simply stuck due to sand or does it come off at all. thanks.
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Once you have the clip off you should be able to pull the clutch off. It might take some carefull prying with some additional tools.
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DO NOT pry on that pulley!!!! Take your time and go rent a pulley removal tool. You can damage the compressor seal if you sc**w around with that pulley.
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Just bypass the compressor on the serpantine belt, you will need a shorter belt, but then you can take care of the compressor at your convinence. Besides I know winteres coming up b.c weve cooled down from 100* down to 90*

And i agree, you cant rent a pulley remover tool from autozone for very cheap or free.
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alright, thanks. i was thinking about just bypassing the thing. anybody know the belt size that ill need to do so? what happens if i mess the seal up? i dont run the air conditioner anyway. mostly local driving for me so windows down is good enough in the low country of sc.
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On the 5.4 you will need a different tensioner as well. A new AC clutch with coil is ~95 bucks at Autozone. I just replaced mine because the bearing was destroyed. I thought about the shorter belt idea as well but in the 5.4 if you route it without the AC compressor the tensioner needs to sit where the compressor pulley is. I did not want to pull my compressor because I would need a recharge.
Look at the diagram sticker under your hood. I think the 4.6 is different.
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