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How much are argo's worth?

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How much are argo's worth?

i found a 1987 8x8 argo for sale on craigslist and theres no price, the guy just says best offer. does anybody know what its worth? i dont have a whole lot of money right now so i can't make him a good offer but i dont wanna save to much and over pay. any ideas what its worth?
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A good one will bring a couple of grand around here. Be sure to check out the transmission in the thing. They are prone to self destruct if not properly maintained...and can be expensive to fix. I never cared for one but if taking folks with you on a short 4x4 excursion is important, they're hard to beat. If you get a test drive, make sure to take it for a swim and then check the fluids for water.
Here's a list on Fleabay to give you an idea about $$$$
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For the kind of money they're going for on that ebay link, I'd go buy an old running jeep and save a bunch of money. That's ridiculous for what those things are.
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