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F250 rearend to F350 dually rear end

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F250 rearend to F350 dually rear end

Ok I've been thinking about some things and I've need o be able to pull more weight behind my 2000 F-250 PSD Now I know a person selling a F-350 rear end dually I was wondering if it would be possible to mate my f250 to the 350 rear end and how much would I have to change on my frame or should it just basicly bolt into the pre exsisting holes. I know my wife thinks I'm crazy for even thinking about this but I really can't afford to go out and send $30k for a f350, so I'mm looking at other options and this one seemed to stand out more than the rest. Please let me know if it plausible or just a over excited guy thinking of things to do to his truck when I get back from Iraq.
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The axle will bolt right in, but the higher capacity springs would be needed as well. Now keep in mind that just because you're changing the rear end does NOT mean you can carry more weight legally. You can only register the truck up to the mfg specs. If you're constantly loading to that level and needing more, then you NEED an F350. What you're trying to do is put a bandaid on the problem.
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