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'06 5.4 Spark Plug Torque Setting?

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'06 5.4 Spark Plug Torque Setting?

Thanks to all that have posted their experiences on changing their spark plugs. Sharing your experiences and knowledge has saved me $. I've learned a lot about changing the spark plugs on my 06. It had 68K on it and Iwas advised by a mechanic the plugs needed changing. They wanted $350 plus and extra $50 for every broken plug. I thought that was ridicules(if only 4 plugs broke that was an extra $200) and decided to do it myself. I read most of the articles on changing the plugs and ordered the Lisle tool just in case. I followed the directions about 1/4 initial turn, used the recommended carb cleaner from the Ford dealer($6 about the same as any other), let it soak overnight and started the removal of the plugs. I also did the 1/2 turn then backed off a 1/4 turn procedure until there were no squeaking. All the plugs came out without breaking. I also bought the nickel anti seize($21 at Ford dealer) and only used a very small amount on the shaft. Then I ran into a issue. What was the torque setting to reinstall the plugs?
Maybe I'm too cautious but I had a 2000 F150 and had two plugs blown out. Most technical people believe it was due to over torqueing the spark plugs when they were replaced. So I want to be careful with this truck. I reread the TSB for plug removal...no mention of the setting. I've looked through numerous threads but could only find one that mentioned the torque setting at 27 lbs but it was more a question than a fact. I also tried to locate the setting on the web but no luck.
Does anybody know the factory torque setting for the spark plugs?

I also have a new unopened Lisle tool and some anti seize if anybody is interested.
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Haynes manual states 25 ft lbs. on the 5.4.
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Good job! You did it correctly!
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I had a 2000 F150 and had two plugs blown out. Most technical people believe it was due to over torqueing the spark plugs when they were replaced.
Much more likely they used antiseize and undertorqued them. 28 ft/lb dry will take care of that on an 03 or earlier 2v.

Your 3v plugs will never blow out unless you don't screw them in all the way. 25 ft/lb sounds okay.
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