Raptor SVT Showcases Super-Skills Never Seen Before

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It’s a bird. it’s a plane. No, wait, it’s a $%#@! Raptor!

Videos of a very aerodynamic F-150 Raptor first surfaced a couple years back, showing an SVT pickup flying through the air and slamming down hard, suffering significant damage in the process. While we have seen a few different camera angles of the ill-fated flight of the black Raptor, we have never before seen the video above.

In the video, the driver of the F-150 Raptor makes a few test runs, much to the displeasure of an impatient crowd of spectators. After a few practice runs up to the jump, the Raptor driver has seemingly figured out the required approach speed. Or Not.

When the Raptor hits the jump at speed, the truck flies way past the landing ramp, slamming down into the dirt and doing massive damage to the truck. Be warned: There is plenty of F-150 carnage.

Can you handle it?

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