Supercharged 2018 Ford F-150 Eats Mustangs for Lunch

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Could this be the beginning of the street truck revival? 

In 2018, most truck builds are anything but subtle. We think of lift kits, big wheels, Raptor grilles, and a whole lot of LED lighting. It makes the old days of street trucks feel like it was a million years ago. Maybe that’s why we like this boosted 2018 F-150 so much. This single-cab short-bed truck isn’t just “stupid fast,” it’s a true sleeper.

This black New Jersey truck is known as The Undertaker, and with good cause. At first glance, you could mistake it for a bare-bones work truck. It has stock wheels, and sure, it’s a little lowered, but not really enough to notice. There’s no extreme tinting, no graphics, head and taillights are un-smoked, and it wears a standard-issue license plate. Nothing to see here, right?

Supercharged 2018 Ford F-150.

Then you look under the hood and its Coyote V8 has a massive Whipple supercharger bolted onto it. That makes power jump from 395 factory horses to an incredible 750 at the wheels. In this video, Stefan from Mod2Fame takes a ride with owner Dorian. “Now,” Stefan says. “I’m a boy from Brooklyn. I don’t know nothing about pickup trucks. So, take me for a ride, man. Show me what’s so special about this particular pickup truck.” For owners of fast trucks, we can’t imagine being asked a better question.

Dorian answers that the truck has a gen-three Coyote under the hood with the stock ten-speed automatic. Other than the blower, headers, fuel injectors, and fuel pump, this truck is bone stock. Of course, it sure doesn’t drive like a stock truck anymore.

Supercharged 2018 Ford F-150.

On a quick launch, Dorian sends Stefan into a flurry of profanity. Once he stops, he pauses for comedic effect, laughs and says “S’alright…” Stefan can only reply “oh my gosh” over and over again. He says that launch has left him “shocked.”

Even cooler, Dorian says that his wife drives the truck too. And she drives it well. “I’ve woken up before in the middle of the night, and she’s racing a Mustang on the highway,” he says. “We’re coming back from Virginia, and I’m sleeping in the car, she’s driving. And next thing I know, I wake up and she’s racing a Mustang.” As much as we love Ford’s pony car, we’d love to see that race.

And this was no whim. Dorian bought the Whipple blower just three days after he bought the truck. After just a few months, he has it running 10s at the drag strip. For future updates on the Undertaker, check out Dorian’s YouTube channel, Boosted F-150. For now, Dorain says: “I’m happy with her, let’s just say that.”

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