Roush Supercharger Gives F-150 Tuscany FTX the Go to Match Its Show

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Added hood vents, chrome grille, six inches of lift, and shiny 20-inch wheels give this Ford pickup an added layer of badass, too.

If you’ve driven past a Ford dealership, you’ve probably seen a Tuscany FTX version of the F-150 proudly displayed up front. It’s big on aftermarket style and flash, but the 2012 model in the video above only has its stock 5.0-liter V8. Not for long, though.

To transform the last-generation F-150 FX4 into an FTX, Tuscany gave it functional hood vents, a chrome grille, body side cladding, six inches of lift, and shiny 20-inch wheels. They even reworked the bed, lining it with carpeting and topping it with a hard tonneau cover. Those touches might limit its functionality, but they sure make the FTX look different.

However, mechanically the FTX is almost completely untouched. It breathes a little more freely through a cat-back exhaust system…and that’s about it. The 5.0-liter V8 doesn’t have any mods. Then American Trucks steps in.

They give the FTX a total engine makeover by plugging in 47-lb fuel injectors, upgrading the fuel rails, bolting in an air-to-water intercooler, and installing a higher-performance throttle body. This, of course, is all to accommodate the added grunt of the FTX’s new Roush TVS Phase 2 supercharger.

The 2.3-liter blower boosts the 5.0’s respective rear-wheel horsepower and torque figures from 310 and 328 lb-ft to a flat 500 and 480. Those increases fatten up the FTX’s low- to mid-range output, in particular.

Numbers like those are great no matter where you let them out. American Trucks is especially interested in how they affect the FTX’s towing speed on the highway. Before putting the supercharger in, they clocked the FTX going from 30 to 60 mph as it climbed an on-ramp with a Ford Mustang-filled trailer behind it. The stock FTX did the run in 30 seconds. How much time did the Roush supercharger shave off of that time? You’ve got to watch to find out.

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