Let There Be Light: Cool LEDs Really Make the Raptor Rock!

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When winter is over & you’re ready for spring road trips, we found great custom gear that will have your Ford truck stealing the spotlight wherever you go.

“We have two great passions, F-150 trucks and lighting technology.” That’s the opening line in the F-150 Online forums‘ new Marketplace that got our attention. Over here at F-150 Online, we’re also huge fans of F-150 trucks, of course. And now that spring is on its way, we’re starting to think of all the ways we’re going to customize the hell outta our Ford trucks as a reward for having to endure this hellish winter and its many below-zero storms. And after all those months of dirty snow and rock salt have finally been sprayed off our F-150s at the nearest car wash, we plan on installing plenty of new lights to make sure everyone our summertime-ready rides are always in the spotlight.

Ford Raptor

“Everyone who designs and works for F150LEDs is an F-150 driver and a member of the F-150 community,” states F150LEDs in the forums. One look at the company’s website, and we were hooked. Who knew LEDS could make such an impact? There’s stuff on there that is very cool and unique, and although a simple addition, the placement and design of stuff like the Raptor Custom Door Sill Light really make a difference in bringing an added edge to Ford trucks’ already badass look and design. The custom engraving on the plates looks very sharp and the ultra-bright glow practically guarantees that this Raptor is going to stand out. Plus, the site mentions that no drilling is required, and the whole process take approximately 10 minutes per door. We have not done it yet, but that’s a pretty big impact to make in 10 minutes.

Just as cool, and even simpler to install, are these Raptor LED light-up coasters that you simply drop into place in your Ford F-150 truck’s cup holders. The wireless cup holder coasters feature both ambient and motion sensors, and these particular items were made specifically for 2010-14 F-150 Ford Raptors. The cup holder rings will only activate when both motion and darkness are detected and will automatically turn on and off. Pretty badass for $60.

Even when it comes to subtlety, F150LEDs hits the bullseye with an ambient-lighting kit that adds a soothing, soft glow to the cabin. For under $100, the ambient lighting added to this F-150 Raptor looks like a million bucks. The Raptor Led Interior Ambient Light Kit has 40 color options and a wireless light-intensity controller, plus a center console light.

And when it comes to making the Raptor stand out even more on the open road, there’s nothing better than a flashy, bright LED power-light show to announce your arrival. The CREE XTE 5W high performance LED bars utilize a combo of flood and spot beams and blackout hardware to ensure the front of the Raptor is emitting the strongest beam possible.

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