Las Vegas Hero Gifted New Ford F-150

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Taylor Winston

After famously using a borrowed pickup to transport shooting victims to the hospital, military vet Taylor Winston gets a truck of his own.

There’s a lot of different kinds of heroes we look up to, either growing up or as adults. There’s sports heroes, like Babe Ruth, widely considered to be the greatest to ever play baseball. There’s musical heroes, too — rock stars like Rush‘s Neil Peart, the greatest drummer to ever pick up a pair of sticks.

But in reality, the true definition of a hero is someone who rises to the occasion when the unexpected happens. History does not remember those who shy away from their responsibility to be extraordinary. It has to be the right place, the right time (or the wrong place and the wrong time), and the right person.

Taylor Winston is a lot of things — an Iraq War veteran, a country music fan, and a Ford truck enthusiast. After the horrific tragedy of the Las Vegas shooting, he’s also a hero.

Before ambulances were able to arrive, Winston commandeered a Chevy truck and used it to transport severely wounded concertgoers to the hospital. Understanding time was of the essence, he transported two truckloads of critically wounded people to the hospital, getting them the help they needed and reducing the strain on emergency personnel rushing to the scene.

CALL OF DUTY: Taylor Winston during his military days.

Winston saved countless lives that night. We think that such tremendous displays of character should be rewarded, and apparently, a car dealership in Gilbert, Arizona, agrees. The dealership’s crew put the word out on social media that they wanted to personally thank Winston.

The dealership, B5 Motors, gave him the choice of several customized pickup trucks. Although he used a borrowed Chevy for his heroic act, Winston had his eye on a better option and chose a silver Ford F-150. He drove off to the applause of several dealership employees.

According to Shane Beus, the owner of B5 Motors, “My message is that I hope people will recognize the heroism in him and others and become selfless. It’s kinda what America is about, helping others.”

We agree. Hats off to Winston, and hats off to Beus.

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