Innovative Ford F-150 Seat Cover Is Perfect for Pets

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Forget about those cheap, useless pet seat covers. We’ve found the perfect way to protect your F-150 seats!

We here at F-150 Online share the same interests as you, loyal readers. We own Ford trucks ourselves, and there’s no passenger we’d rather have riding shotgun with us than our trusty pets (sorry, spouses and kids). Those of you who own dogs know the struggle, however. Dealing with excessive shedding, drooling, and those excited fits they throw that wreak havoc on your F-150 interior.

To prevent this from happening, many companies have tried to construct special seat covers over the years to protect our vehicle’s interiors. And we can confidently say, after owning many of them, that they just don’t work. Most of the time, they just don’t stay in place. And when they do, they don’t exactly provide much protection from our rambunctious pals.

Ford F-150 Seat Cover

But now, we’ve stumbled across a proper solution for this age old problem. And it comes to us from a company called 4Knines, a group of fellow dog and truck owners who’ve come up with a series of innovative seat covers and cargo liners. We were specifically interested in their crew cab seat cover, which is specially designed to work in the back seat of a Ford F-150.

Ford F-150 Seat Cover

On the surface, this seat cover looks pretty much like all the other ones out there on the market. But 4Knine’s covers have a series of thoughtful features that really set them apart, and they’ve used customer feedback over the years to perfect their product. Thus, unlike every other cover out there, 4Knine’s is designed so that you can still flip either seat up or down and use the seatbelts, child restraints, and armrests without having to remove the cover first.

Ford F-150 Seat Cover

The cover itself is also made from top notch materials that are devoid of any harmful chemicals and dyes. It’s waterproof and backed with a non-slip layer, so it won’t slide around while Fido is going crazy back there. And when they inevitably make a mess, the cover is machine washable. Or you can just hose it off or wipe it down with a wet towel.

Ford F-150 Seat Cover

There’s even a built-in hammock in case you want even more coverage. When not in use, it simply drapes down the front side of the seat. If you want to use it, simply pull the three velcro straps apart, unzip it, and secure the straps around the front seat headrests. This way, your dog won’t have access to the floor. Plus, it blocks him from jumping in the driver’s seat, too!

Ford F-150 Seat Cover

Another gripe we have with most seat covers out there is that they’re a pain to install and remove. And that’s a real problem. After all, this is the type of thing that you’ll be taking in and out of your F-150 frequently. 4Knine’s cover addresses this issue as well by being extremely easy to install and remove.

First, you’ll want to lay the cover across the back seat with straps facing up. Next, secure the straps around the head rests and give them a quick pull to tighten them. Then flip the seats up and pull the elastic pockets over the front of the seats. And that’s it, unless you want to use the hammock.

It’s a wholly simple yet ingenious design that easily trumps all the other cheap seat covers we’ve seen (and foolishly bought). So, be sure and head over here to check out all of 4Knine’s innovative new products. If you’re like us (and we know you are!), we’re sure that you’ll find them well worth the investment!

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