Ford F-150 Power Stroke: All the Diesel Benefits, None of the Drawbacks

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Ford F-150 Power Stroke

Most people expect diesel engines to be loud and annoying. But the new Ford F-150 Power Stroke is smooth as butter.

Most folks that haven’t driven a diesel in some time typically share the same sentiments toward them. They think that diesels are noisy, dirty, and oftentimes, downright annoying. But things have changed drastically in the diesel world in recent years. To the point that oil burners like the 2018 Ford F-150 Power Stroke behave, well, like gas-powered trucks. Except with more towing power and better fuel economy.

And that’s exactly what Canadian news source The Chronicle Herald found when they got a chance to test drive a brand new Ford F-150 Power Stroke recently. In fact, they seemed a bit taken back by just how indistinguishable this diesel-powered pickup was from its gasoline-sipping brethren. They call the new motor the F-150’s “thriftiest engine by a landslide, and its second most potent, where torque output is concerned.”

Ford F-150 Power Stroke

Their views on the Power Stroke are also very similar to ours. It “makes lots of sense for the F-150 shopper after confident towing capability, with (dramatically) reduced fuel bills.” Sure, the 3.5-liter Ecoboost offers more horsepower and torque at a lower cost. But the Power Stroke “uses more fuel, and will likely suffer a higher consumption penalty when towing or hauling.”

Overall, they found the Ford F-150 Power Stroke to be “everything we’ve come to know about the latest F-150, but with a significant economy advantage.” They also lament about the engine’s smoothness, in particular.

Ford F-150 Power Stroke

“How’s the diesel? It’s a little hard to say, because this engine is the strong, silent type. Usually, you don’t even know the engine is there, let alone that it’s a diesel. Here’s a pickup with a diesel engine that wouldn’t feel out place in a $90,000 luxury SUV.”

High praise, indeed. But the F-150’s new Power Stroke has earned every bit of it.

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