Ford F-Series Named ‘Hottest Truck’ at SEMA Show

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Ford F-150

F-Series collects SEMA honor for seventh time in eight-year history of award. Ford Focus takes ‘Hottest Hatch’ for second straight year.

The Ford F-Series and its Focus car are now back-to-back-to-back winners of the “Hottest Vehicle” awards from the Specialty Equipment Market Association, better known as simply SEMA. Ford’s domination of the show continues, as it collects these coveted awards at a greater pace than any other automaker. Ford has won 15 out of the 33 Hottest Vehicle awards presented by SEMA since 2010.

F-Series, the ultimate Swiss army knife of the aftermarket, is a proven favorite for customization into everything from tarmac-shredding drag racers to off-road monsters. America’s best-selling vehicle has been named “Hottest Truck” seven out of eight times in the award’s history.

With its hot ST and RS performance trim levels, Focus continues to win over the aftermarket. Two years ago, it took home the final Sport Compact award. Now, 2017 marks two years running for Focus winning “Hottest Hatch.”


“The aftermarket industry’s ongoing elevation of our vehicles feels great,” says Dave Pericak, global director, Ford Performance. “We are beyond proud to have two back-to-back-to-back winners in our Focus and F-Series.”


‘Ford has a long history with the aftermarket community. F-Series and Focus are just two recent examples of the great vehicles Ford offers for personalization.’


“Ford has a long history of support and partnership with the aftermarket community, bringing increased options and products for consumers,” adds Chris Kersting, SEMA president and CEO. “F-Series and Focus are just two of the most recent examples of the great vehicles Ford offers for personalization.”

With more than 50 vehicles on display, including a large collection of custom builds at its stand, Ford’s presence at SEMA remains the largest of any automaker. This is the seventh year for the Ford Out Front performance demonstration track, a lead attraction of the 2017 show.

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