Bright Idea: Easy Installation of LED Bed Lights

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Video shows how to do simple and effective installation of LED lighting for F-150 truck beds. Let there be light!

Hands down, one modification that is useful to almost any pickup is adding more light in the truck bed. Installing LED lighting can also be a piece of cake with the right kit. In this new video by F150LEDS we learn how to do this simple and handy upgrade on a 2017 F-150 Raptor in a few painless steps. And the results at the end of the clip are pretty impressive, especially considering how effortless the host makes the process look.

According to the video, the LED bed rail light kit works for any F-150 from 2015 on and connects to the bed rail, adding over a hundred LED lights, and providing ample illumination that illuminates the entire bed. The kit comes in five light-color options, and includes everything you need for the install. Making things convenient is the fact that the LED light strip is easily integrated to existing OEM bed lights, giving different options for operating the lights.

LED Bed Lights

Host Nick thoroughly and skillfully walks us through the entire process. The LED kit includes driver and passenger side LEDs, all necessary wiring, surface prep wipes, 3M adhesive, and RTV silicone auto adhesive.

Nick starts off on the driver’s side. The kit has three light zones per side of bed, so six in total. He applies the light strip under the bed cap along the bed rail. The strip attaches with an adhesive. Then RTV silicone is applied over that to further secure it, as well as protect it from the elements and increase the longevity of the lights.

LED Bed Lights

Nick next goes through the wiring process. Now, some of us might not be as confident when it comes to wiring. This kit thankfully makes installation very easy-to-follow and straightforward, even for those not electrically-inclined. Also, a small detail we like is that the video shot this part in close-ups, demonstrating exactly how to install with no guesswork.

LED Bed Lights

Now for the moment of truth, the truck bed lights up and it looks very slick. Nick has installed the lights so the key fob turns them on. Other options  include opening the cab door to engage, or integrating the strip so it operates through the existing OEM bed light controls.

LED Bed Lights

All said, the install takes less than a half hour and the results are rock-solid. It’s a slick look for such a convenient modification with great functionality.

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