F-150 Turned Hillbilly Woodsplitter

Human ingenuity never ceases to amaze. Sure we’ve been to the moon and to the bottom of the ocean, but this guy has contributed a more practical advancement to our species. Axes? Old fashioned. Saws? Obsolete. All you need is a truck, and a giant screw. Boom. Instant wood splitter. Okay, maybe it’s not the […] More »

  Comments | By - July 18, 2012

POV for a Raptor Jump Gone Wrong

We know that the Raptor is as tough as a factory truck gets. But operator error can make even the best of the best fail. Here, it looks like the driver managed to stick the landing. The problem is, he stuck it with the nose of the truck. This took place at the  Oceano Dunes in the […] More »

  Comments | By - July 17, 2012

F150 Second Most American Vehicle to… Camry?

Well, this is a little bit embarrassing. For some time, the F-150 has held the crown of most popular vehicle in the states, but it’s not the most “American.” That honor goes to the Toyota Camry.

  Comments | By - July 17, 2012

Ford’s Special Service Vehicle: Action Ready

Here’s one bad Ford truck that can do more than most pickups. This Special Service Vehicle was created by Ford for no extra charge to fleet, municipal, and government buyers which turns this 2013 F-150 into a police, fire, or rescue-ready truck. As I’m sure you’ve already heard that Ford has released Police Interceptors in […] More »

  Comments | By - July 17, 2012

Rockpick’s Nearly World-Famous Insert the Caption Game

Welcome to the latest installment of Rockpick’s “Nearly World Famous Insert the Caption Game.” As you might expect given such an awesome image, there have already been some good captions. Marc Carpenter came up with “Think this side looks bad? Then you should see the udder side,” and Patman chimed in with “Payback is a bitch, don’t try cow tipping kids.”

  Comments | By - July 16, 2012

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