Ford Unveils F-150 “Atlas” Concept

We’re all pretty much ready for a new F-150, but are we ready for one from the future? That’s the question implicit with Ford’s reveal of the F-150 Atlas at the Detroit auto show today. I was expecting them to actually bring out the 2014 model, but hey, this thing is is still pretty cool. […] More »

  Comments | By - January 15, 2013

Watch this F-150 Lightning Do a Burnout in Glorious HD

Wanna see something cool? There are a lot of videos of F-150s doing burnouts on youtube. That’s a fact. That said, there’s a surprising lack of videos featuring the F-150 Lightning doing to the deed. Apparently the guys at Bullet Motorsports felt the same way. But instead of writing about it on a blog, they […] More »

  Comments | By - January 14, 2013

Rumormill: Ferrari to Name New Enzo… F150?

The words “Ef One Fifty” aren’t likely to stir up visuals of mid-engine super cars. No, the F150 moniker has long been the mental property of Ford’s stalwart truck. Though, that might change soon if Ferrari is able to get away with naming their new super car the F150 Enzo. At least, that’s what I’ve […] More »

  Comments | By - January 2, 2013

New F-150 Set to Debut at Detroit Auto Show

There’s a whole lot of mystery surrounding the 2014 F-150. The truck is supposed to be getting an over haul for 2014, and yet, there are a bunch of questions that we don’t know the answer to yet. Questions like, “What’ll it look like?” and “Are they going to build it out of Aluminum?” and […] More »

  Comments | By - January 2, 2013

The Most Awesome Christmas Trucks on the Internet

It’s Christmas time! Finally, it’s the time of year to celebrate the holidays. decking a Christmas tree out in lights and ornaments is a pretty good way to get started, but honestly, Christmas tree’s are a little bit played out. So what’s a ford truck fan to do? Well, you can take a lead from […] More »

  Comments | By - December 24, 2012

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