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tips on COP replacement?

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tips on COP replacement?

I am planning on replacing COP #7 on my '01 4.6 due to an SES light and P0307 code. Any tips to the replacement? Two particular areas of concern...disconnecting the connector without breaking it, and getting the COP out past the fuel rail.

I think I see a little tab on the connector that might release it when that the case?

Does the fuel rail need to be disconnected and moved or removed to get the COP out, or can the COp be wiggled out without it?

Any tips will be appreciated.

I will likely bite the bullet and pick up a new Motorcraft COP at Advance Auto Parts tomorrow. I am aware that I could get a set of eight online for not much more than I will pay for one, but...the truck is running so poorly with the #7 misfire that it is essentially "down and out of service" until it is fixed.
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#7 is about the hardest one to get out might be easier on the 4.6 but on mine I cant get it out without removing the fuel rail. Not a big deal just undo the 2 bolts holding it and lift it up out of the way.. Should get a plug while your at it and some dielectric grease lube the base of the boot and the top where the coil seats..
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