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Theft light blinking - truck turns over but will not start

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Okay.....Now this ons is crazy. I started my truck up and went to the gas station and it would not start. It finally did after a few trys and drove it home. Got in the driveway and again it would not start again. Talked to my dad and he mentioned they are known for Cam Sensors problems and possibly fuel relay, fuel pump and could be worse PCM. I was thinking uh oh, what do I do now since it;s almsot xmas and I am so far from work I would be screwed. I started checking everything. I even checked the reset for the fuel system and it was not activated so of course that was not it....Then I found out that one of my employees went out in the parking lot and tried to get something from my truck and used the KEY in the wrong truck which looked exactly the same as mine. He came back in the door and said the key was not working, my partner started laughing at him and thought it was funny he was trying to get in the wrong truck. After some more checking and research I found an article that the Theft light was blinking and that it could be reset by taking another key to the passenger door, unlock it, lock it and unlock it again and it would reset the anti theft system. It worked....there was no more blinking theft light and the truck started right up. Then I took the same key he used to start the truck and it did it again...repeated process and usend my key and worked again. I found that the key was de programmed in the wrong truck lock and would not be read correctly when used in the vehicle until it was reprogrammed from the dealer or an authorized locksmith that has experience with PATS> I hope this helps someone out there !
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Since it's the holiday season and your heart is in the right place, I hate to be the Grinch (but I will, anyway).

First off, you didn't identify the year of the truck in question. There are several different variations in anti-theft (includingPATS) that have been used depending on the model year.

We'll start with that.

I am curious as to where you saw that regarding the passenger door as it is improbable. Can you provide a link?
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