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Yellowish Water/Oil Condensation in Oil Cap

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Yellowish Water/Oil Condensation in Oil Cap

Hang on, but there is more .............

I have a '04 SCREW with the 5.4L with about 29,000 miles on it. I have noticed on an occasion or two that I get a foamy yellow condensation grunge in the top of the oil filler nozzle. Didn't think much of it. Read the posts here that said in cold temps that was pretty much normal. But here is why I am thinking about it a little more ...............

Recently got the dreaded "cam phaser tick". On both sides. Decided to move to Mobil 1 to improve lubricity before I change the cam phasers. Can't hurt, right??? So, I did the oil change about a month ago and probably put about 100 miles on the truck since the change. Today, in prep for the cam phaser change - I take a look in the oil fill nozzle. More yellowish condensation grunge than ever. Actually goes down into the nozzle.

No noticeable drop in coolant level at all. I am worried about a head gasket failure. What the heck is with this stuff? The temps here have been in the 60-70 degree F range. My '04 Expedition does not do this at all. Do I have a problem, or not? Anything to look at when I remove the valve covers tomorrow?

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dude, completely normal thats just what happens when the temperature changes like it has been, i think there usta be a sticky on this, or somebody was wantin to make one...
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short trips
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I am guilty of those (short trips). I don't put a lot of highway miles on the truck. It is only 5 miles to work. Can you explain why that makes it worse?
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It never warms up enough for all the condensation to evaporate.

By the way - if you use Mobil 1, you should use EP and should NOT use 5W30.

Take it out on the highway and drive it hard for about an hour and see what you have.
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This same question comes up every fall from someone who makes short trips.

Perhaps a mod might consider making the thread a sticky.
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