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pulling out my 4.6L in a 97 f150..HELP!!!!

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pulling out my 4.6L in a 97 f150..HELP!!!!

any help would be great... first time pulling an engine in this body style of ford.. i need to pull my motor in my 97 f150 but my questions are as follows..
how in the hell do u get the top tranny bolts undone or should i pull the tranny with motor, its a 4x4?
i was told u can pull the motor with out removing the radiator support but i really dont see the clearance to do that.. as i was looking it looks like the radiator support is spot welded together with the fender skirts all the way back to the firewall. any ideas? do i remove the whole entire front clip?
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Well equipped shops usually lift the cab to do an engine change.
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If you take the intake manifold off you can get the top two bolts from the top side. I pulled the 5.4 out of my '98 without the trans, I removed the radiator but that was all. It came out pretty easily. I didn't remove the condensor because I didn't want to break open the a/c. I think it might be quite a chore to remove the engine & trans as a unit.

If you had one of those levelers you could tilt the engine/trans as you pulled it, that would be the only way I could see pulling it all at once without taking the whole truck apart.
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yes i have heard shops pull the cab not gonna do that....
ya i am not wanting to pull tranny so thanks for your input on pulling the intake..
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Purchase a shop manual. The complete procedure is in it. It will be the best tool you ever bought.


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Back in the day when i pulled the 4.6 out of mine i pulled it with the trans on it. With that said i would never wish that much of a pain on anyone. It is a million times easier to pull the trans and pull the motor straight up. I used about 4ft of extensions to reach the top trans bolts.
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