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PepeEas 12-04-2017 12:15 AM

1956 F250 (Original chassis 110")
So I have a 56 250 (all original) my plan with it was to do a diesel swap and upgrade/modernize the whole thing. However, do go through it and cut the chassis up would be alot of damn work. A buddy gave me the idea to get a newer f250 (01-06) and swap the original body of the 250 and swap it over to the new body with fabricated mounts. My only question is, how much would aan original chassis go For? If I can sell it for a good price, it'll have motor (straight 6 2.3 I believe), 4 speed trans, Dana 60 I believe and a good chassis. I'm located in Detroit, MI. However, I'm just looking for pricing on it at the moment

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