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Towing a horse trailer with a 1998 4.6 V8

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Towing a horse trailer with a 1998 4.6 V8

Hey everyone,

I've got a friend who has to move her horse from where it is at now but has no truck to do it, but has a horse trailer, I am not sure of anything else except for the fact that it is dual axle. Sorry about that, and that it is just one horse. I have a Drawtite receiver hitch on my truck that is rated according to the hitch at 2.5 tons. I am pulling it with my 1998 F-150 4.6 Liter V8 Automatic Tranny with the axle code "19" that I took off of the driver's door jamb. It does not have the factory tow package. My question is, do you all think that my truck could handle towing this trailer in the current configuration? If you are not sure, what do you have questions about? I am not sure about the gear ratio on the truck, and it does not have the 7 pin trailer connector, just 4 pin. Please post your comments as soon as possible. Thanks so much.
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By the way, it will be on a flat interstate most of the way, and the trip is only a hour and half driving.
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Your truck will have plenty of power. You can get a 4-7 pin adapter at a place like Autozone.

Make sure the ball hitch has a pin to keep it from popping, or a collar that will go over the end ( for a hitch that has a pivot opening).

I tow a dual axle trailer, usually with one horse, and there is never a problem. I have gone 200 miles with a horse. and the horse came out with no problems. (Just keep feeding and watering them!)
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One horse & trailer, and only an hour and a half driving on a flat interstate = easy job for your 4.6

Even with a clydesdale.
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