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mit01006 04-27-2018 04:16 PM

2018 F150 STX Kicker Sub Upgrade
So here's the rub with new trucks, no one knows if anything works or not. I have a 2018 STX and purchased from Banner Ford the Kicker sub/amp system. They claim it is compatible with all 2018 XL and XLT models (STX is based on XL). I took to my local Ford dealer, Bowen Scarf, for install and they are telling me that my Sync system won't recognize the new sub because my truck is only equipped with the 4-speaker system, not the 6-speaker system. I know the overall interior of the 2018 trucks are pretty much the same as the 2015-2017, however, does anyone have any experience with this in a 2018 truck that has the 4-speaker system? Either way, it sounds like one of these two dealers is not informed about what parts fit what trucks.

Knebrdr 09-04-2018 11:56 PM

I did a custom upgrade on my XL factory equipped with door 6x9s and tweeters in the A-pillar. I am asssuming this is what you are referring to as a 4 speaker system. I decided to install a 400 watt 4 channel amp system to run my doors and a Blaupunkt 8” powered sub. It was tested and set up using a 6 channel or crew cab system. It would not run my sub because the LOC was wired in to the Plug n Play harness before the amp and my head unit only had two channel output even though it is the top radio available in an XL. I reworked the LOC to after the amp because it is a 2 in 4 channel out arrangement and now my custom 3 way door system with sub works great. Neither of the local dealers I contacted appeared to know how or want to turn on the additional channels from the head unit. If you want to chat more PM me and I can walk you through making this work.

Patman 09-05-2018 12:02 AM

I'm in the same boat as you. 2018 STX trying to get the Kicker to work.

What I came up with my research is 2018 STX you need to have Sirius satellite option to be for the dash to be prewired for the sub. The cab harness should be the same, but not the dash harness.

I had to run my own power wire, and speaker wires to the sub. I am going to redo it and try and go straight to the ACM and see what happens.

I would offer to help you out personally, but you're a long ways away from me :cool:

Knebrdr 09-05-2018 02:11 PM

I have the Sirius option in my loaded XL. I also only had the tweeter and door speakers. There is only activation for those 4 speakers out of the headunit. None of my dealers would acknowledge the ability to activate the additional circuits out of the headunit. An LOC tied into the 2 channels out of the headunit will supply the speaker inputs for the sub. If an aftermarket powered compact sub is used instead of the Ford unit there are gain, frequency and volume adjustments available that allow you to best integrate the sub into the vehicle. I also have a relay controlled buss bar to supply power to my small inverter, seat heaters and powered subwoofer.

Patman 09-05-2018 09:27 PM

its not that uncommon for dealers to know very little about modifications, even if it is a mod sold through the dealer network :coffee:

Knebrdr 09-17-2018 08:13 PM

I am doing one more thing to my RCSB. I have purchased an Audio Controls LCQ1. I will run my available 2 channel inputs to the rear circuit of the loc/equalizer which then will also feed the sub outputs. I will then run rcas to my powered compact Blaupunkt subwoofer and rewired for rca input side of my Pioneer GM-D1004 to run my custom built 3 way door/a-pillar set up. The LCQ1 will also give me a 6 step EQ for the front and 5 step EQ for the sub. This should really allow my set up to out perform the 3 step adjustments in the headunit. This will be the fourth time the center stack has been out but it should be the last. Next week I will be finished, if my patch cords show up as scheduled, and hopefully have the sound dialed in. The LCQ1 and sub volume control will be mounted in the storage compartment under the center seat.

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