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nickel_work87 06-16-2012 06:52 PM

1992 f 150 3g alternator upgrade
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Well guys i just did this upgrade so i thought that i would show y'all how to do it. Mine is a 200 amp just in case anyone was wondering.I got mine off a 1996 Taurus.

Here is what you do first discount the battery all the way both terminals and take off the serpentine belt.Now you are going to want to put in your new power wire. It has be a 0 gauge wire and you will also need a 200 amp fuse or circuit breaker and a bolt and lock washer about 2 inches long. I got mine from a stereo shop here locally. I believe it was kicker wire it is way more flexible that regular wire. I installed mine between the coffee can and smog can.Here is the picture.One side of the wire hooks up on the right side of the starter sylonid.

Attachment 24890

Attachment 24891

Attachment 24892

Now you can remove your old alternator.There are 2 bolts they are 9/16 and un do the electrical connectors.

Attachment 24893

Now lets get this wiring done. On the old alternator there were 2 plugs on it on the 3g on there is only 1 and a screw on nut on the back. The one connector that we are getting rid of to turn into a screw on one is the connector ion the right side of the picture.Cut them off as close to the connector as possible.One you have cut it off the 2 black and orange wires can be put together to make one wire they are both the same. Now for the white and black wire the is a small connector on a 3g that you will need top put on there.Now for the hard part. You have to grind away at the alternator bracket to allow clearance for then new alternator. See all the pictures.

Attachment 24894

Attachment 24895

Attachment 24896

Attachment 24897

Attachment 24898

Attachment 24899

Once all that is done just hook up all your connections. Remember that the orange and black wire and the new power wire go on the screw terminal on the back to the alternator. The black and white one go in the small connector on the side of the alternator and just plug in the other connector.Pit in all of your bolts and tighten down and install serpentine belt.Here are the finished pictures.

Attachment 24900

Attachment 24901

Attachment 24902

I hope that this has been helpful and people can now do this swap with confidence.

Blue07STX 06-20-2012 12:14 PM

I performed the same upgrade on my '94 Lightning last spring. I recommend upgrading your battery cables as well. PM me if interested and I can get you in contact with a vendor who builds upgraded battery cables, the current oem cables are no longer available.


adrianspeeder 06-20-2012 09:22 PM

Good swap. Are you using the macro setting on the camera? Seems a little fuzzy to not be.


nickel_work87 06-21-2012 04:17 PM

adrianspeeder i have no clue what a macro setting is to be honest. i set the camera to auto picture taking lol.

hollg0314 10-10-2018 06:24 PM

3G swap help please...
I did this swap for my 1992 F150 with a 4.9. I used a DB electrical AFD0028 Alternator with the pulley that it came with as it was comparable to the stock one. Its a 130 amp from a 1993 Ford Taurus with the 3.8l. I was told on other forums this would work. I used the wire that was originally on the car (I believe it is a 4 gauge) for the new wire to the battery with a 180 amp circuit breaker. The problem is now if I have my headlights on and the radio on and say turn on the heat, the breaker trips. I did this upgrade because the truck had a plow but right now that is completely unhooked. Should I use a bigger wire or circuit breaker? Also the alternator gets pretty hot.

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