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4.2 V6 & custom-tune Micro Tuner now available!! > 4.2 V6 & custom-tune Micro Tuner now available!!

4.2 V6 & custom-tune Micro Tuner now available!!


Old 02-12-2004, 08:23 PM
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4.2 V6 & custom-tune Micro Tuner now available!!

The day many of you have been waiting for is finally here!

All you 4.2 V6 owners who have been wanting a Micro Tuner, we can now provide that for you via the new Superchips Custom Tuning Micro Tuner - it is available right now from us here at Troyer Performance!

This product is *only* available thru officially authorized SCT (Superchips Custom Tuning) dealers, of which we are the first.

This new unit allows us to tune any 1996 thru 2003 OBD-II FoMoCo vehicle with a gasoline engine and EEC-V PCM - so it will work for all you 4.2 V6 F-150 owners as well as anyone else with a 1996 thru 2003 Ford, Lincoln or Mercury OBD-II vehicle with a gasoline engine and EEC-V PCM.

This not only allows us to finally offer the 4.2 V6 owners what they've been wanting for so long, but also the V8 owners (including Lightnings, Cobra's, Crown Vic's, Town Cars, etc.) and V10 owners who want to take advantage of our ability to do any type of custom tuning - either for modifications, or just to get the absolute highest levels of performance in stock to lightly modified vehicles, and do it in a product that allows them a simple plug-n-play 10 minute installation!

It's important to note that this does *not* replace or supersede the 1715 Micro Tuner many of you are already using - that product will continue to be available for years to come of course, and for many people with stock to lightly modified trucks & SUV's, that will continue to be the least expensive way to get a multi-tune & multi-octane capable PCM flashing type of product with all of it's features.

This new unit is intended for custom tuning, but we can use it for any kind of tune on any 1996-2003 gasoline engine OBD-II FoMoCo cars truck or SUV with the EEC-V PCM, which of course includes the 4.2 V6 F-150 owners. Even bone-stock vehicles can use this unit, it's perfect for those who want to get *all* the performance that can be had from a sharp custom tune, no matter what level of modification your vehicle may be at.

This is so new that we've had to wait to announce it until we felt comfortable that we can get enough of them to supply the demand. That being said, they are already being quickly spoken for just from some of you seeing it mentioned by us in a couple of posts in existing threads over the past few days here - now we're ready to make the "official" public announcement!

These units (for now, until we have time to get them on our web site) need to be ordered by calling us at our number listed below, and then we will do a personal consultation with each vehicle owner about their modifications (if any), how they use their vehicle, what they want to accomplish, any specific tuning requests, etc., and then each gets up to 3 different custom tunes as well as having the ability to store the stock factory program so it can be returned to stock at any time, and use its built-in OBD-II code scanner.

This new custom unit can also be updated in the future should you install additional modifications or want to have any type of program change made later on, just like we've always done for years in the traditional Superchip modules - now you can get that kind of flexibility in the new SCT Custom Micro Tuner!

All of you who have wanted to flash the PCM instead of using a traditional chip/module so that any scan tool can still get *all* the data with your performance tuning still installed, not just OBD-II DTC's but also all the extended manufacturer-specific data, can now do so with this unit!

Want a program for maximum power when towing? No problem! Need a program for all-out pure performance? No problem? Want multi-octane capability as well as a race tune, too? No problem! Want a hard-shifting program for you, but a soft-shifting program for the wife & kids or a girlfriend? Easily done!

For further details, more questions not answered in this post, pricing, etc., you will need to give us a call at our number listed below - because this new product will cause so many questions, etc., we're trying to cover as much as we reasonably can here in this post - then for further questions, details, etc., please just give us a call.

Your time has come!
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Old 02-12-2004, 11:17 PM
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GOSH now its decision time! At least its a good thing to worry about. I've been meaning to give you a call, my truck was shifting at about 4750RPM's going from 1-2 and 42-44MPH. I'll give you a call soon to either order the chip or the new tuner. Hmmm which to go with?? Whichever one is better for towing!
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Old 02-13-2004, 06:11 PM
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Hi sdf150guy,

Well, in terms of which would be "best" for towing or "best" for performance, with a 1999 or newer vehicle it would be that new custom-tune capable Micro Tuner. We can get more performance for you from that unit than we can in the traditional single-program blue Superchip modules - the blue units are fine, that will still get you a very nice power & performance gain, but when you say "what is best," that's easy - that would be this new unit.

If you like, you can give us a call when you get a chance & we'll be happy to go over all those options in proper detail with you, as well as review your truck's individual computer code and what's going on in there to identify just what exactly the differences would be, so you can decide what's going to actually do the best job overall for you, taking into consideration pricing versus exact benefits & results, etc.

The nice thing is now you have some choices, and you can now get the Micro Tuner you V6 guys have been clamoring for!
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