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Johnny Mayday 04-16-2019 07:14 PM

Trail-inspired Roush F-150 to be revealed in NYC
Word is Roush will be unveiling a trail-inspired F-150 at the New York International Auto Show this week. While is sounds like it'll get Fox suspension, a new exhaust, and some unique exterior bits, what's unclear is whether it'll get more power. But given Roush's reputation? I bet it'll be packing some heat. What do you think? More details here.

Labnerd 04-17-2019 12:43 AM

Well Johnny, you know I'm usually a player to your posts. My take. I wouldn't be happy with one even if I got to drive it for 2 years for free. That is one ugly truck and it comes in my favorite color- white only. You can keep the black out crap. It just makes a truck look cheap to me. One of the first things that would have to go is the splash decals. I'd be ripping them off on the first day. I doubt many high schoolers can afford one of these and this kinda stuff is so high school. You won'r find the STX Sport decal trash on my truck to give you an idea. It came off of mine on day 2 of ownership. That the F150 Raptor has 650HP I find kinda dumb for a truck. Most drivers aren't hardly capable of driving a Prius anymore. Put them in charge of 650 ponies and I see it as a wreck waiting to happen. Maybe Ford will start to require a driver to qualify that they are capable and have enough brains to handle a truck like that. Otherwise, I see it to be just like it's bigger sibling, a lot of lookers, a lot of mouths running off, but many of the trucks sitting on the lots and a used one almost worth less than an STX of the same year model. I see used Raptors here a lot and no buyers.

Johnny Mayday 04-17-2019 11:21 PM

Ha ha! Agreed that most drivers can't even handle a Prius. I've always thought that 300 hp was about enough for anything you'd ever want to do on the street — and them some! Thanks for giving me your take!

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