YouTuber Explains why the 2019 Raptor Is Worth Every Cent

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Ford’s newest Raptor is more expensive than last year’s model, for a very good reason.

According to YouTube car reviewer Raiti’s Rides, the base price of the 2019 Ford Raptor increased by $2,100 compared to the base price of a 2018 model. In his latest YouTube video, he intends to find out if it’s worth it.

Are there enough visual changes to justify the price? Probably not. The exterior and interior updates are enough to differentiate the new 2019 from the 2018 model, but even the pretty new Velocity Blue paint with fresh vinyl graphics isn’t enough on its own to warrant the price increase.

Raiti spends a lot of the video turning us on to these subtle differences, like the grey-painted “FORD” lettering on the tailgate that’s new for 2019. It’s a little dull, but we’re impressed by his knowledge, and we’re sure that we’d find the information much more interesting if we were fortunate enough to be in the market for a 2019 Raptor ourselves.

The steering wheel now carries a Raptor logo on the bottom, and special Recaro seats are also available. Raiti is sure to mention that these Recaros are specially designed for the Raptor, and not just carryovers from the Focus ST.

The biggest change for the 2019 Raptor lies beneath the subtly freshened body & cab, though. While every Raptor since the beginning has had Fox suspension, they haven’t had one like this.

The newest Fox suspension is electronically controlled, automatically adjusting damping on the fly depending on road (or off-road) conditions. Simply put, it’s a total game changer. Performance and handling in all conditions are improved.

From that standpoint, it’s incredible that this massive upgrade only costs $2,100. The system, called Fox Live Valve, is standard on all 2019 Raptors. Changes like these keep the Raptor at the top of its game, and ensure that no other performance pickup even comes close.

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