Which Ford Excursion Engine Is the Best?

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Diesel, gas, conversion, or swapped? F-150 Online members mull their favorite Excursion engine options!

Ah, the Ford Excursion. Perhaps no greater symbol of American ingenuity has ever existed on this planet. The massive, Super Duty-based beast of an SUV hit the market here in the U.S. back in 2000, but like a shooting star, it had disappeared by 2007. Blame it on those pesky environmentalists or a spike in gas prices, but either way, we’ll probably never have the option of buying a new Ford Excursion ever again.

Despite its short run, we Ford fans can’t get enough of this utilitarian behemoth. So we scour the used car market, scooping up the few decent examples left out there in the world. Which means if you want one, choosing the right motor is an important task. And that’s why F-150 Online member vet3138 headed to the forums in search of some powerplant advice.

Ford Excursion

“Been in the market for an Excursion since getting an RV. Test drove a bulletproofed one. But I’ve never owned a diesel and felt a little overwhelmed by all the meticulous maintenance required to keep it from taking a dump. I have been planning to go with a 6.8 (hauling about 5,000 lbs plus family of 6 and luggage). But a destroked one has come up for sale not too far away. The price is really good but I’m afraid of it being a glitchy frankencar. They put in a 5.9 Cummins high pressure common rail. 

Any advice? Pass? Check it out (obviously take to diesel shop and let them check it out since I’m a diesel rookie)? Certain things to look for?”

Unsurprisingly, many people, including glc, advise against buying something with a mismatched motor.

“I’d keep looking for a 6.8 gas or 7.3 diesel Excursion. I would not touch one with a 6.0 diesel or a frankenmod. If you find one with a 5.4, it won’t be a speed demon but it should tow 5,000 pounds okay.”

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