Watch This $63k 2018 F-150 Platinum Get Muddy (Video)

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Ford would like to remind you that even its fanciest trucks do just fine off-road, thank you very much.

Whether you love or hate mega-expensive trucks, the fact remains that they’re still trucks. Which means that if you dare, that big money rig will blast down dirt roads just as good as its more affordable brethren. But we must admit, we’d be a little hesitant to plow a brand new, $63,000 2018 F-150 Platinum into muddy water. Even if it wasn’t ours.

The Fast Lane Truck, however, has no qualms about flogging a high dollar ride. Well, at least when they aren’t the ones making payments on it. And when Ford themselves hand you the keys in the midst of an off-road course complete with a muddy water crossing, who’s to argue? It’s almost like they want to do it. Because they do.

2018 F-150 Platinum

The point, of course, is to reiterate the fact that you don’t need a Raptor to enjoy some off-road fun. The greatness of SVT’s finest is a bit of a conundrum for Ford, after all. On one hand, it’s been a runaway hit. On the other, it kind of makes regular F-150s look like parking lot queens. And as we already know, that simply isn’t the case.

Sure, it costs a lot of money. And it’s pretty. But if you don’t use something like this 2018 F-150 Platinum as intended, we all lose. Plus, if you can afford the price tag, you can certainly afford to pay someone else to clean it after your mud session is over. Just maybe put on some booties if you decide to hop out, at the very least.

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