Vintage Chevy Owner Wisely Chooses Ford F-150 to Tow It

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Ford F-150 Towing Chevy Truck

When this vintage Chevy owner needed to transport it cross-country, he relied on a trusty F-150 to get the job done.

One thing we’re used to by now is seeing Ford trucks towing Chevy trucks. But in most cases, that’s because the Chevy either broke down or got itself stuck in the mud. You know, your typical Chevy failures. But in the case of Reddit user alosu, towing a vintage Chevy pickup with a 2018 Ford F-150 was more of a case of needing something reliable and capable to pull off the job.

You see, the OP needed to transport this 1951 Chevy truck from Florida all the way to California. So we certainly can’t blame him for relying on the world’s best-selling truck, the Ford F-150, to do the deed. And unsurprisingly, his attractive ride pulled it off flawlessly. After the 3,000+ mile trip, he had nothing but glowing reviews for his reliable rig.

“Pulled it like a champ,” he reported. “Hit a couple small hills in Southern CA and got stuck behind slow trucks. But when I pulled around and floored it I took right off. That Ecoboost has way more power than I expected.”

This, despite pulling a pretty heavy load. “I figure the trailer and Chevy weighed about 5.5-6k pounds. The hitch was installed on the truck when I bought it as part of the tow package. I don’t think it is a weight distributing hitch. I had no problem going about 3,000 miles.”

So there you have it. While we’d rather see an old school Ford truck sitting on that trailer, you can’t blame the OP for his choice of tow rig. And how telling is it that even a vintage Chevy fan chose an F-150 over a Silverado to take on this kind of long journey?

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