The F-150 Raptor: Halo 4 Edition

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As a fan of both the Raptor and Halo 4, this truck is setting off all of my nerdy, fan-boy senses to the maximum. For those not in the know, this green and black F-150 has been customized similarly to the vehicles in the Halo 4 video game. If you’re unsure about what Halo 4 is, just ask the next 13 year-old-boy with an Xbox you come across. He’ll tell you.

Regardless, the end result is a pretty sweet custom truck. It’s not absolutely insane like some of the trucks of SEMA, but it’s definitely not going to be mistaken for anything else. Galpin Auto Sports have equipped the truck with a whipple supercharger and knobby Nitto tires. They also saw fit to leave the suspension largely untouched. Considering, how good the suspension of the base Raptor is, this is probably a good decision. In any case, if the owner were to take the hotted up Raptor off-road, he’d be well served by it’s 550hp and nobby tires.

Of course, GAS has also laid their hands on the interior as well. There are four tvs (for multiplayer gaming on the go), as well as some nice new upholstery and several reminders that this is a “Halo 4” Raptor. None of that will matter when you’re out there jumping dunes, but it’s a nice touch for the road back home.

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