2006 Ford F-150 SuperCab: Good as Gold

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Ford F-150

F-150 Online member shows off impressive wrench work that made his F-150 that much better.

Working on trucks is a rewarding pastime, as we’re sure we can all agree. After all, it’s always special when you take the time to wrench on your own ride, learn how it works, and make it even better than it already is. And, let’s be honest, it definitely isn’t easy! From trying to squeeze your hand into the engine bay to breaking stuck bolts, this rewarding pastime is also often a huge chore. Even so, it’s certainly worth it!

To see the glorious results of this type of hard work, check out the fantastic Ford truck of F-150 Online member Athair.

Ford F-150

Athair is the proud owner of a 2006 Ford F-150 SuperCab and it’s absolutely amazing. The ride is painted in Champagne and has been modified here and there. As it sits now, it has a six-inch lift from Fabtech, a two-and-a-half-inch Rough Country level, and a five-inch block. Overall, we’d say that this ride is pretty outstanding.

Ford F-150

Stop by Athair’s garage and browse the photography for more shots of his great truck.

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