Record-Setting Propane Ford F-150 Heads to Work Truck Show

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Propane Ford F-150

World’s fastest propane-converted vehicle has racked up tens of thousands of trouble-free miles. And now you can get behind the wheel!

Almost exactly two years ago, Alliance AutoGas (AAG) made history by converting a 2016 Ford F-150 to propane power in just 1:32:25 at the 2016 Work Truck Show. Now, the “Fastest Recorded Alternative Fuel Conversion to Propane Autogas” is returning for the 2018 Work Truck Show. And now that AAG has thoroughly tested their setup, attendees will get the opportunity to drive this converted Ford F-150 as part of the show’s “Ride and Drive” segment!

To date, AAG has converted over 10,000 vehicles to propane power, and they’ve obviously perfected the process. Their record-setting Ford F-150 utilizes a plug-and-play conversion. It features a secondary fuel tank to store the autogas, an injector spacer plate, and engine control unit (ECU). A 21-gallon autogas tank now resides under the truck. A single-plug ECU allows the driver to alternate between regular gas and autogas at the flip of a switch.

Propane Ford F-150

AAG uses its own injection technology and injector spacing plate. It’s truly a bolt-on setup that requires no drilling or cutting, as many others do. No permanent modifications are required, and the system can be easily removed without leaving a trace. This is especially attractive for fleet companies or anyone else who leases these vehicles.

“Any fleet that covers a substantial amount of miles would have a real-life savings very quickly with expectation of continued long term payoff and system reliability,” notes Stephen Holland, Blossman Services, Inc. Director of Engineering.

Shortly after the conversion, the Ford F-150 embarked on a 5,500 mile, 12 city trip from Kansas City, Kansas to Seattle, Washington. It then headed back to Jacksonville, Florida before landing in Asheville, North Carolina, where it joined AAG’s fleet.

Propane Ford F-150

The trip helped highlight the many benefits of propane power. Including its cost-effectiveness and superior emissions output compared to both diesel and gasoline fuels. The Ford F-150 currently has around 102,000 miles (60,000 under propane power).  Only standard maintenance has been required in the two years since it was converted.

You can check out the record-setting Ford F-150 at the 2018 Work Truck Showwhich runs through March 9 in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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