New Safety Campaign Targets Pickups, and for Good Reason

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Truck safety

‘Buckle Up in Your Truck’ isn’t a rap song. It’s an idea that may save lives.

By now, we all know that using your seat belt is a good idea. But for whatever reason, lots of folks still opt to risk life and limb by driving around without buckling up. This problem is especially prevalent in Louisiana, where data shows that drivers, especially in pickup trucks, fail to use their seat belt. That data has prompted the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission to sponsor a new safety initiative called “Buckle Up in Your Truck.”

While it might seem unfair to target truck drivers specifically, there are valid reasons for such a focus. According to Alexandria, Louisiana’s local news station KALB, trucks compose 25% of Louisiana’s vehicle traffic. And studies show that truck drivers and passengers fall behind car occupants when it comes to seat belt usage. Combine that with the fact that trucks are much more prone to roll over, and there’s a lot of reason for concern.

The high-visibility enforcement and awareness campaign takes place between April 21 and April 27 across the state. It runs alongside another important safety campaign: Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Cell phone usage while driving is another major problem on not just Louisiana’s roads but across the nation as well. 2015 alone saw 3,477 deaths and 391,000 injuries occur as a result of accidents caused by distracted drivers.

Both of these initiatives are great reminders that we can’t take our daily commutes for granted. Buckling up and putting your cell phone down can literally mean the difference between life and death. Especially if you drive a truck!

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