Muffler-delete Raptor Sounds like a Ford GT

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Basic $700 exhaust kit turns ‘mundane’ Raptor into something that sounds eerily like a LeMans-winning supercar.

Ask pretty much anybody, and they’ll likely agree. The Ford Raptor is just about perfect, but carries one tiny flaw. When you’re a truck fanatic like us, that weak-sounding yet infinitely powerful 3.5-liter Ecoboost V6 just won’t cut it. And to date, the aftermarket exhaust offerings for the Raptor have done little to make it better. Because, well, you just can’t make a V6 sound like a V8. But you can make it sound like a hypercar, apparently.

We’re talking about the Ford GT, of course, a car that shares an engine sporting the same basic dimensions and layout as the Raptor. Like the Raptor, there was a general outcry regarding Ford’s decision to eschew V8 power in the latest iteration of the legendary GT. But performance talks, and their racer for the street has that in throes. But despite their surprising similarities, nobody would ever mistake an off-road pickup for a LeMans-winning street car, would they?

Well, compare the sounds of this Roush Performance video with those of both the street and track GT, and you might think otherwise. Roush’s new Raptor muffler-delete kit sure does sound a lot like Ford’s halo car. Close your eyes, and you might actually mistake it for such. Which should come as no surprise, really, given the similarities in the three engines we’re talking about here. But it’s still undeniably cool.

Because yes, we now live in a world where you can buy an off-road truck that shares essentially the same engine as a LeMans-winning racer. Oh, and a street car that only rich and famous dudes can get their grubby hands on. And from a block away, not too many folks will be able to tell the difference!

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