‘MotorWeek’ Correctly Predicted Ford’s Future 26 Years Ago

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Long-running TV series’ retro review of 1991 F-150 proves quite prophetic.

If you’re into automobiles of any kind, you are also undoubtedly familiar with MotorWeek. The unmistakable voice of John H. Davis has brought the world the latest automotive news and reviews for 35 years and running. Long known asĀ “television’s original automotive magazine,” MotorWeek has informed and entertained enthusiasts of several generations.

Thankfully, MotorWeek has also gotten in the habit of sharing some of their “retro reviews,” which, for some, bring back fond memories. For others who may not have been around back then, these old segments provide an interesting glimpse into the past. Often, as is the case with this 1991 F-150 retro review, they also demonstrate the genius and foresight of Davis.

Ford trucks have been America’s best-selling vehicle as long as MotorWeek has been on the air. And while they’ve changed dramatically over that time period, the recipe for success remains the same. Class leading cargo space, towing capacity, and a model choice to fit anyone’s needs. Just like today, Ford made an F-150 for everyone back in 1991.

In addition to testing a “plush” F-150 Lariat Supercab, MotorWeek also briefly discusses the very cool and somewhat rare “Nite” edition. It’s just part of Ford’s enduring recipe for success: Give the customers a wide range of choices at a wide range of pricing. That’s exactly why Davis closes the segment by predicting that he “expect[s] Ford to continue to lead the pack for years to come.”

Now if we could only buy a new Lariat Supercab for $13,000 like we could in 1991.

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