Ford F-150s, Catching Bass and Kicking A**!

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Ford F-150 Pickups at the Boat Ramp

F-150 is the only pickup in sight in the parking area of this fishing dock.

The image above was recently shared to the Ford Trucks channel of Reddit and in it, “catchesbass” shows a row of F-150 pickups lining the boat ramp parking area of his local fishing hole. There are other vehicles in the back ground that may not be half-ton Ford trucks, but the popularity of the modern F-150 is on display with every truck in this parking row coming from the current or previous generation of the F-Series.

Bass Boat Domination

When the OP shared the image above, there was no information offered, just the caption of “apparently an F150 is a requirement if you have a bass boat”. The OP owns the dark blue truck in the middle of the picture and he was the first to park, but later on, he found that his pickup had been joined by six other F-150s including three others from the latest generation along with two from the previous generation. Each of the trucks is pulling a small trailer that is designed to carry a bass boat.

The first comment was a mic-drop moment for Ford fans, with “sriley95” stating “If you wanna get there and back, sure.”

Rear-Drive Towing Question

After some community banter, “yoloswagdon” posted an interesting towing question for the members who had more towing experience.

“This might be a bit off topic, and maybe needs asked elsewhere, but does anyone know if 2wd trucks have issues on boat ramps? Some boat ramps are super muddy and I’d imagine traction could be an issue.”

To which “CasaDeHouse” offered the best answer:

“2wd is tough on boat ramps. You gotta think of it this way, it would be tough to go up most boat ramps without a 4K+ boat on the back of your truck even if you know what you’re doing. I’ve always had 4x4s because of my property. But my boss got into boating and had a 2wd truck and traded it in within a month of owning his own boat because he was tired of having to get towed out of the ramp by someone with a 4wd.”

Considering the fact that the F-Series outsells every other truck sold in America by a healthy margin, the odds are good that the average parking lot will have more Ford pickups than any other brand, this picture serves as a great reminder of how popular the F-150 is among people who actually put them to work.

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