Ford F-250 Super Cab Camper Special Is One Rare Find

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1975 Ford F-250

Rare 1975 Ford F-250 Super Cab is already mechanically sound, now it just needs someone to finish the job.

These days, you’d be hard pressed to find anything but a Super Crew pickup on your local Ford dealership lot. Or at least a Super Cab. But back in the ’70s, regular cabs ruled the roost. Back then, not many people used their trucks as family haulers. Thus, trucks like this 1975 Ford F-250 Super Cab Camper Special are quite the rare sight. But this one’s actually selling for the modest price of $4,000 in the Marketplace at our brother site, Ford Truck Enthusiasts.

Sure, it isn’t concours perfect. But this old Ford F-250 is a mechanically sound vehicle that reportedly runs and drives excellent. Which, of course, makes it the perfect project for someone that’s handy with body work. You could drive this cool old pickup whenever you want, fixing it up as you go. It even comes with a slew of new parts to help jump start the job.

1975 Ford F-250

There is some rust, but not as much as you often see on these ’70s model trucks. Credit the fact that this Ford F-250 was rustproofed from the day it was new. The floors look like they need to be replaced, but that looks to be the worst of the job. Otherwise, everything mechanical on this truck is either new or rebuilt. Including the 360 V8 under the hood, the brakes, and the fuel system.

1975 Ford F-250

Do the body work, paint it, and restitch the interior, and you’d have one incredibly cool and rather rare truck to cruise around in. And if you can do that sort of stuff yourself, you’ll be able to resurrect this Ford F-250 without much outlay of cash. When that’s done, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll be the only person in your town with one, too!

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