Ford F-150 Tonka Makes Childhood Dreams Reality

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Ford F-150 Tonka Home 1

You are not staring at the surface of the Sun, but something brighter: the Ford F-150 Tonka truck built by Tuscany Automotive in Elkhart, Indiana.

Looking beyond the blinding paint, the concept behind this truck is charming. You may be horrified when you look at it, but let’s be honest: your inner child craves a drive in this yellow rig.

We all played with Tonka trucks as children. If you have ever yearned for one you could drive, Tuscany has answered your prayers.

The F-150 Tonka features a six-inch lift, body cladding and fender flares to widen the design, plus Tonka badging for the exterior, Tonka embroidery for the interior, Tonka floor mats, and more.

If you revel at the idea of owning a replica of the Sun, gather your $60,000 – $70,000 quickly because Tuscany is only building 500 Tonkas for 2013 and 500 for 2014.

via [WNDU]

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