Ford F-150 FX2 Uses Simple Mods to Make a Big Difference

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Ford F-150 FX2

It’s easy to envy the mega-dollar builds we see. But this Ford F-150 is nice reminder that sometimes, less is more.

We like to think that customizing a Ford F-150 to your liking doesn’t have to be a terribly difficult task. After all, these are trucks that roll off the factory floor looking mighty fine as is. With minimal mechanical skills and a few bolt-ons, you can easily transform the looks, convenience, and even performance of your pickup. And this cool 2013 Ford F-150 FX2 build from our brother site, Ford Truck Enthusiasts, perfectly exemplifies that point.

The FX2 package is essentially a “factory custom” in itself. Which means that it already looks pretty darn awesome. But FTE member King-bRanch took his truck to the next level with nothing more than basic mods. At first, that included tinted windows, a grille insert, and vent visors. He then upgraded the exterior lighting, tinted his side mirror indicators, and added a 2-inch drop kit in the rear to level things out.

Ford F-150 FX2

To upgrade things in the performance department, the OP sourced some Rancho shocks, cross-drilled brakes, and a cat-back exhaust. And to mask the chips and scratches that had accumulated over the years, he even repainted the hood and picked up a new decal. Smoked headlights, fog light lenses, and taillights look great with the deep red paint and black graphics.

Ford F-150 FX2

Subtle details, for sure. And all things that anyone can do to their own Ford F-150. Which, of course, is the beauty of these types of projects. We often get lost in awe at some of the crazy custom pickups we see, both in person and right here on the web. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t take a whole lot to dramatically alter the looks, feel, and performance of your Ford F-150!

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