F-150-Driving Houston Hero Saves Unloved Pups

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Abused dog is rescued after stopping animal control officer’s F-150.

We like to think that everyone who drives an F-150 has a good soul. But we know for a fact that at least one of them, David Brittain of Houston, Texas does. Brittain spends his days cruising around the streets of Houston in his F-150 as an animal control officer. And while one of the main rules of the job requires officers to resist emotional attachment to the animals they rescue, Brittain couldn’t help himself when faced with a severely abused and neglected pup.

The mutt ran in front of his truck while he was driving around north Houston, Brittain told KHOU. He immediately noticed the signs of abuse: ribs sticking out, right ear missing, various cuts and holes that appeared to be human inflicted. He stopped and approached the poor girl, but she was obviously timid and wouldn’t let him pet her.


But Brittain had a secret weapon: some leftover BBQ ribs in his F-150. He let her snack on the treat, and for at least a moment the pup experienced a little human kindness. Unfortunately, the 10-year veteran knew that her condition would likely lead to her being put down. “It was just heartbreaking,” said Brittain, who couldn’t help but break that ever-important rule of the job.

But this story has a happy ending, unlike many others. The poor pup received help from the department and her foster parent, Jen Leonard. Now named Sheba, she’s put on 10 pounds and is looking healthy again. And when Brittain got to see his old pal again, she immediately recognized him.

The two got to spend a little bit of time together before Sheba hopped in a van to head to her new home in Colorado. But then, our hero had to hop back in his trusty F-150, because there are many, many other area dogs that need saving.

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