Electric Ford F-150 Rendering Looks Production Ready

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Electric Ford F-150

No one knows what the forthcoming electric Ford F-150 will look like. But we’re betting it’s something like this.

For years, rumors of an electric Ford F-150 have swirled, yet with no real confirmation from the Blue Oval themselves. Then, in a rather anti-climatic call with investors recently, Ford finally admitted that it was in fact going to build a battery-powered version of the world’s best-selling truck. Ford did stop short of announcing any further details or a possible release date, so we’re left to speculate what this futuristic pickup might actually look like.

But if we were the betting types, we’d wager that the electric Ford F-150 might just look something like this rendering conceived by our brother site, Ford Truck Enthusiasts. For starters, we’re still a couple of years off from a fresh-sheet redesign for the F-150. And with a Mustang inspired all-electric SUV in the works and a hybrid F-150 planned for 2020, you can bet the EV F-150 won’t be far behind.

Thus, this rendering combines current design language with a host of futuristic styling cues to create a distinct look. The front end, in particular, is incredibly slick with LED headlights framing a prominent grille design. The blacked-out grille continues down the sides of the front fenders. There you’ll find “F-150 Electric” badges proudly on display to let everyone know this isn’t your average gas-powered pickup.

We’re also digging the location of the truck’s charging port – smack in the middle of the driver’s side headlight. This makes it quite convenient to plug in when you pull in the garage and need some extra juice. Throw in what appears to be a functional hood vent to circumvent heat, and you’ve got a winning design overall.

Of course, the presence of an electric Ford F-150 isn’t a threat to those gas-powered pickups we know and love. But it is a welcome addition to the family. One that will keep the F-Series on top of the competition for years to come!

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