Freaky Friday: Driver Destroys F-250 Off-Roading in Mud (Video)

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This is exactly what NOT to do if you ever get stuck in the mud.

Part of off-roading in a truck is getting stuck and finding your way out of it. We’ve all been there, and if you’re smart and patient, you can get out with no problems. Well, some people don’t have patience, and unfortunately don’t have any intelligence either. That’s what happened with a driver who found himself stuck in some mud and made about 100 wrong decisions on the way to destroying his F-250.

F250 Destroyed In Mud

Watching the video of this rookie driver is a test of your patience. At every turn, this guy just seems to make the worst decision and finds himself deeper and deeper in trouble. The hardest part of watching the video is seeing his 2015 F-250 get used and abused by someone who just doesn’t know what he’s doing. By about the halfway point of the video, you just are praying that someone saves this truck from the driver.

F250 Destroyed In Mud

If the video had no audio, maybe the viewer would feel a little sympathy for the guy. However, when you hear the audio, it’s a whole different story. You hear every cruch of the body getting scratched and dented. You hear his friends trying to give him directions, but every time ending with “No, no no” or “Stop!” Then you hear the sound of the tires and engine of the truck struggling.

Spoiler warning – things finally do get better by the end. However, as the video ends with a picture of the damage done, you just have to wonder how much of this could have been avoided. And you also think that maybe this was a lesson learned, albeit an expensive lesson.

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