Battered Badass F-150 Personifies ‘Built Ford Tough’

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Old F-150 flipped down a 50-foot embankment, but it still starts, runs and drives in some manner.

Ford trucks are known for being tough, but the F-150 in the video above from the YouTube channel of Will Spicer is the true embodiment of the phrase “Built Ford Tough”. This truck was involved in an accident in which it rolled three times side-over-side down a 50-foot hill, and while the old F-Series was pretty much destroyed, it still runs and sort of drives. Sure, you can’t drive it on the street, or even in the fields with any sort of accuracy, but the bottom line here is that this truck, in this condition, still runs and moves under its own power.

Last Ride for the Old F-150

The details are short as to what actually happened this seventh generation Ford F-150, but we know that the driver lost control and the old red pickup tumbled side-over-side down a steep, 50-foot hill. When it came to rest, pretty much every part of the truck was crushed, but the cab did its job, protecting the driver from injuries any worse than cuts and bruises. The truck didn’t survive, but the driver did, and that is the important part.

Wrecked Ford F-150

Then again, was the old F-150 really destroyed? The body is mangled and the frame is bent in the front, but overall, the 30-year-old truck held up to the crash pretty well. In fact, the 300-cubic inch inline-six still runs and as the video shows, the truck still moves under its own power.

Rough but Ready

The video above begins with a walk-around of this battered F-150, giving us a look at every side of the truck. The front end has clearly gotten the worst of the damage, but the cab is a little dented, the bed is crumpled in many places and the entire truck is twisted a bit, so there is no question that this old Ford has seen the end of its road days.

Wrecked Ford F-150

Even with that in mind, the owner climbs in, hits the key and the engine roars to life. It sounds like hell, as we would imagine that the pulleys on the front of the engine are pressed against the radiator and the other components that have been pushed back a few feet, but it starts and stays running.

Wrecked Ford F-150

Once it is running, the next obvious step is to see if it drives, so the owner throws it into the D and it gently inches forward. The old, wrecked F-150 only moves a short distance, but in this condition, this old Ford truck is still technically drivable.

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